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Friday Night: March 3, 2017  - BUY TICKETS FOR FRIDAY NIGHT!

The Wild President 2017 Official Selection | 6 min.
Will Stauffer-Norris, Sinjin Eberle, Jacob Boling
President Jimmy Carter, an unsung environmental hero, grew up in awe of natures wonder. But it wasnt until he first paddled the Chattooga Rivers Bull Sluice did he understand the power of a wild river. In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act, happening in 2018, President Carter urges all Americans to protect more wild rivers.
Iran: A Skier's Journey 2017 Official Selection | 13 min.
Jordan Manley, Narrows Media
Cautioned not to travel to Iran, Chad Sayers and Forrest Coots decide to go, regardless. They immediately find comfort in Tehrans bustling bazaars, Isfahans dazzling mosques, and the powder filled slopes of the Alborz and Zagros mountain ranges, topping 3,000m. It is a culture not easily understood, but profoundly welcoming. As journalist Elaine Sciolino writes, Iran can be dazzling, and light-filled, a reflection of its complexities; but it can also be cold, confusing, and impenetrable. Yet they are reminded, as Pico Iyer writes, to learn more about the world than our newspapers will accommodate.
Growing Change 2017 Official Selection | 4 min.
Chris Jordan-Bloch
Jim Cochran arrived at work before dawn. He walked out into the strawberry fields. As the sun rose and light hit the field, he began to smell chemicals. His eyes watered. His head spun. He started to shake. He had just walked into a field that had been sprayed with pesticides. From this experience, Jim Cochran helped invent the organic strawberry industry. After pioneering and profiting from a healthier crop, he turned his attention to the health of his workers
Douglas Tompkins: A Wild Legacy 2017 Official Selection | 16 min.
James Q Martin, Chris Cresci
Douglas Tompkins was a world-renowned adventurer, entrepreneur, and conservationist. The founder of The North Face and cofounder of Esprit, Doug spent the first half of his life building successful global brands, while simultaneously adventuring around the world, completing first descents of the worlds toughest rivers. In 1968 Doug embarked on a trip to Chile, driving with friends from California to the tip of Patagonia. In the early 1990s, Doug sold his part of Esprit and turned his entrepreneurial energies to land and wildlife conservation projects in South America, working alongside his wife, Kristine McDivitt Tompkins, the former CEO of Patagonia, Inc. Over the last 25 years, Tompkins-initiated efforts have helped secure 4.75 million acres in new protected areas in Chile and Argentina including five new national parks. Tragically killed in a kayaking accident on December 8th, 2015, A Wild Legacy tells the story of Dougs incredible life, his lasting impact on the wild landscapes of Patagonia, and Kris and the Tompkins Conservation teams efforts to continue his audacious mission.
Role Reversal 2017 Official Selection | 7 min.
Jon Glassberg
Emily Harrington traveled to Spain with her dad, Tim, to mentor him while he attempts to tick his first 5.12 at age 60. Tim and Emily learn from each other and relive the glory days in this heartfelt family climbing epic.
Yellowstone Northern Range 2017 Official Selection | 6 min.
Steven M. Bumgardner
The Northern Range is the hub of wildlife in Yellowstone National Park. Occupying just 10 percent of the park, it is winter range for the largest elk herd in Yellowstone and is arguably the most carnivore-rich area in North America. Early predator removal changed the ecosystem and restoration of carnivores has had significant and unexpected impacts on the habitat.
Super Salmon 2017 Official Selection | 25 min.
Ryan Peterson
Proponents of a plan to construct a .2-billion hydroelectric mega-dam on Alaskas Susitna River say it wouldnt affect the watersheds famous salmon runs because of its location upstream of where fish usually swim. Tell that to the Super Salmon


Saturday, March 4, 2017 - BUY TICKETS FOR SATURDAY NIGHT!

Ace and the Desert Dog 2017 Official Selection | 9 min.
Brendan Leonard, Forest Woodward, Stefan Hunt, Joe Peters, Max Lowe
For his 60th birthday, adventure photographer Ace Kvale and his dog, Genghis Khan, set out for a 60-day backpacking trip in Utah's canyon country. The pair tells the story of their trek, friendship, and Genghis records it on his Desert Dawg Adventure Blawg
Selah: Water from Stone 2017 Official Selection | 8 min.
Ben Masters, John Aldrich, Tito West, Skip Hobbie
Fifty Years ago David Bamberger devoted his life to restoring a neglected and overgrazed ranch in the Texas Hill Country. The result? Water from Stone. By restoring natural ecological functions, David filled hillside aquifers, brought springs back to life, created riparian habitat, and inspired a landscape movemen
The High Divide 2017 Official Selection | 16 min.
Eric Bendick, Roshan Patel, Grizzly Creek Films
They say The High Divide is the place where the world is cut in two. Then again, it may be where everything comes together. This place was once called the big empty. bursting at the seams with deep forests, streams brimming with trout, meadows flush with grizzlies and wildflowers, and peaks so wild and vast they stretch all the way to the horizon. Its also full of people. People who love the land. Cowboys who love salmon. Range riders who shepherd cattle and carnivores. Woodcutters who fight for forests. Generation after generation stewarding land and water. These are the lost voices of the American West. A new film celebrates the confluence of a wild place and its visionary people.
One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts 2017 Official Selection | 15 min.
Peter Byck, Hal Honigsberg, Todd Johnson and FlexiP, Ming Tai, Jim and Paula Crown
Director Peter Bycks short filmOne Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts tells the story of fourth generation cattleman Will Harris evolution from industrial, commodity cowboy to sustainable, humane food producer, whilst breathing new life into a community left behind and forgotten due to, as Will says, the industrialization of agriculture.
Wasfia 2017 Official Selection | 13 min
Sean Kusanagi, Wasfia Nazreen, Bryn Mooser, John Agnew, Chris Kelly, Hayley Pappas, Kelly Kandle, RYOT Films
National Geographic Emerging Explorer and Adventurer of the Year Wasfia Nazreen doesnt just climb for the thrill; she climbs for a cause. The first Bangladeshi to scale the Seven Summits, Wasfia has made it her purpose to brave these climbs for the sake of something larger for the women of Bangladesh. Lyrical and poetic, this short documentary, shot entirely on iPhone 6S, is a reflective character portrait that takes us from the depths of Wasfias struggles to the highest peaks on the planet, as we explore what it means to pursue the unknown.
Dream Day 2017 Official Selection | 10 min.
Malcolm Sangster, Eric Crosland, CLIF Bar, Sherpas Cinema
What would it feel like to begin your day in fresh powder and end it in the briny Pacific on the perfect sunset wave? It would probably feel like a dream. Four athletes, Jeremy Jones, Hilaree ONeil, Matt Hunter and Greg Long, set out to see if they could make that dream a reality starting out in the Sierra backcountry then rock climbing, cruising down Mt. Tam on mountain bikes, and capping it off with a surf at Stinson Beach. Amazing adventures are possible when you get outside and dream big.

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