2019 films

It's our best film line-up ever! 

When the sun goes down, the sky will light up with a lineup of beautiful, educational and exhilarating short films. The Wild and Scenic Film Festival is so much more than just movies. It is a wonderful reminder about why getting out in to nature it is one of life's greatest pleasures and protecting it is vitally important to our health and the health of our planet. Don't miss out on your chance to chance to sit back, relax and become inspired.

Cascada 8 minutes Paddler and cinematographer alike explore remote Mexican jungle for the perfect waterfall…and the perfect shot. A world beyond the unexpected.
Blue  4 minutes Dive into the world of her fantasy and explore the mountains, glaciers, and rivers of Valdez, Alaska with ‘fat bike’ crew of boundary-pushing female athletes
Brotherhood of Skiing 10 minutes The National Brotherhood of Skiers has overcome barriers by bringing soul and smiles to the mountain. NBS is creating a welcoming space for people of color on the slopes and supporting black youth in snow sports.
Moonline  2 minutes When night falls on the mountains, it is by no means time to go to bed. It’s in the dark one of the best speed riders in the world finds a new playground.
Great Old Broads for Wolves  5 minutes Meet the Great Old Broads for Wilderness. These women have come together to find their voice, and now are using it to keep Colorado's wilderness an intact and natural environment.
Fire Followers  6 minutes Yosemite botanists search for fire-following flowers that germinate and bloom after a fire, covering the landscape in a beautiful but brief wildflower display that may not return until the next fire.
A New View of the Moon  3 minutes Watch as Wylie Overstreet takes a telescope around Los Angeles to give awe-inspired onlookers an up-close view of a familiar object!
Lost in Light  3 minutes Lost in Light is a short film on how light pollution affects the view of the night skies. Shot mostly in California, this piece shows how the night sky view gets progressively better as you move away from the lights.


The Majestic Plastic Bag  4 minutes A plastic bag encounters enemies and escapes death on its epic migration to its final destination: the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
Carpe Diem  6 minutes In a city full of people trying to catch a break, one lucky man hooks into an unexpected dream that becomes the role of a lifetime, reminding him to seize each new day as a chance to do what he loves.
Fire and Water  5 minutes Recently retired Ventura Fire Battalion Chief, Jim Ackerman shows the impact of utilizing recycled water
Climbing Out of Disaster  8 minutes In the immediate aftermath of Puerto Rico's Hurricane Maria, a group of local climbers bands together to use their skills and knowledge for the greater good of the community.
For the Love of Mary  6 minutes Join a 97-year-old runner, ‘racing’ up Mount Washington! In addition to his ancient, lucky, green running shorts, he carries something else special with him: The memory of his late wife of 68 years, Mary.
Imagination: Tom Wallisch  5 minutes Day dreams come to life as Tom Wallisch shreds the snowy streets of Nelson, British Columbia


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