Chip in for Charity

Chip in for Charity is a non-competitive golf event where participants "chip" at sponsored targets to raise money for the Ventura Land Trust!

Chip in for Charity is designed to be a non-competitive golf event where participants chip golf balls towards sponsored targets located at the driving range. With each target being sponsored through a financial contribution by a local business, participants and local businesses collectively “CHIP IN” to raise money for our local non-profit beneficiary.

This year we are proud to name Ventura Land Trust as our 2023 non-profit beneficiary.

To learn more about Ventura Land Trust and their local impact, Visit their website

In 2018, Brandon Wasilewski, a resident and business owner from Ventura, came up with the idea of organizing a family-friendly event called Chip In For Charity as a way to support local businesses and non-profit organizations in his community. With a background in real estate sales, B2B consulting, and local philanthropy, Brandon was eager to use his skills to give back to his community. During his first ever visit to Top-Golf, an idea struck him: to create an annual charity event that emulated the fun and excitement of Top-Golf, but raised money for local charities. That same night, he began formulating the concept for Chip In For Charity, defining its mission and objectives.

Chip In For Charity has been highly successful in achieving its mission and key objectives. In the first year, over $6,000 was raised for Clean International, which helped provide clean water and sanitation solutions to more than 1,100 families in underserved communities. In the second year, nearly $7,000 was raised for Pier Into The Future, an organization dedicated to preserving the Historic Ventura Pier. This event has attracted more than 150 participants of all ages and abilities, making it a truly inclusive and community-driven initiative.


June 17, 2023 at 1:00pm - 4pm
Olivas Links Driving Range

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