Legacy Giving

Leave a Lasting Legacy for Future Generations

Legacy giving makes it possible for Ventura Land Trust to protect the wilderness and wildlife in the Ventura region for future generations. Individuals use many different methods to designate Ventura Land Trust in their estate planning; what they share is a commitment to support continued preservation and protection of the open space in Ventura County.

Charitable giving is not only for the wealthy. Gifts large and small are important. Complete a Commitment of Planned Giving form to share you legacy gift with Ventura Land Trust today.


“There are so many wonderful things about living in Ventura – the unspoiled hillsides, beautiful beaches and strong sense of community. When our kids were growing up, our family shared many adventures exploring the wild lands surrounding our town. We have named the Ventura Land Trust in our trust so that future generations can experience the same joy that our children had while exploring nature.”  - The Abing Family

You can name Ventura Land Trust in your will in a number of simple ways:

  • A gift of cash, either a designated dollar amount or percentage of your estate
  • Gifts of securities, bonds, real estate, or other property
  • As a “remainder beneficiary” to receive funds only after specific sums have been paid to individuals
  • A lifetime bequest, which is a combination of a gift or pledge now plus an estate gift later to facilitate and maximize the impact of your gift. 

Designate Ventura Land Trust as a beneficiary in your will or trust. Making a bequest costs nothing during your lifetime and is easily revocable if your situation changes.

Life Insurance
Name Ventura Land Trust as an owner and beneficiary of your insurance policy. You can purchase a new policy or donate a policy that you currently own but no longer need.

IRA, 401(k), or Pension Plan
Retirement funds paid to your heirs at your passing may be subject to income and estate taxes, but are tax-free to Ventura Land Trust.

Charitable Gift Annuities
You can guarantee a fixed income for your life (and your spouse's life) by transferring cash or appreciated securities in exchange for a charitable gift annuity. A gift annuity offers an immediate income tax deduction and income for life.

Charitable Remainder Trusts
Fund a charitable remainder trust with cash or property and receive income from the assets for your lifetime, qualify for a charitable deduction, and reduce potential capital gains and estate taxes. Upon your death and/or that of a loved one, trust assets will be distributed to Ventura Land Trust.

Charitable Lead Trust
Transfer assets to a trust that makes payments to Ventura Land Trust for a specified number of years, after which time the assets are transferred to your heirs with little or no estate and gift taxes. 

Gifts of Stock
A gift of stock owned one year or longer generally offers two benefits: You receive an income tax deduction for the fair market value of the stock, and you avoid paying capital gains tax if the stock has appreciated in value.

Gifts of Real Estate
You may own a residence, vacation home, acreage, or vacant lot that has no particular conservation value, but that has appreciated over the years and therefore, selling it would mean a sizeable capital gains tax. By donating such land, you may avoid capital gains tax and may also receive a charitable deduction for the fair market value of the property.

To learn more, please watch our Leave a Lasting Legacy: A Planned Giving Webinar.

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Ventura Land Trust cannot provide legal or tax advice. Ask a trusted advisor attorney, financial planner, broker, or insurance agent for assistance in completing a legacy gift.


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