Once Upon A Watershed

Once Upon A Watershed

Once Upon a Watershed provides hands-on watershed education, restoration, and stewardship experiences for Kindergarten, 4th , 5th, and 6th grade students in ten public schools in the Ventura River Watershed.

This program cultivates a sense of shared responsibility for our environment, instilling confidence and hope by empowering young people to make a real difference at the local watershed scale.

The kindergarten program has students act out plants and animals of their watershed. Fourth graders collect acorns and plant native oaks at Ventura Land Trust’s (VLT) Willoughby and Big Rock properties and the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy’s (OVLC) Ojai Meadows Preserve. Fifth graders take action to combat the effects of plastic pollution in our watershed by participating in beach clean-ups while exploring the Ventura River Estuary. Sixth grade activities focus on the critically endangered Southern Steelhead Trout and the effects of the Matilija dam on beach erosion and spawning access. Students plant and mulch native plants along the riverbank at the OVLC Steelhead Preserve and the VLT Big Rock preserve, under the supervision of conservation biologists from the OVLC, VLT, and the California Conservation Corps .

Once Upon A Watershed’s free programs are supported by grants and donations in partnership with Ventura Land Trust.

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