Preserve 5K Challenge

Join Ventura Land Trust for the first Preserve 5K Challenge! Participants are challenged to run or walk one, two, or three 5K's on the various Ventura Land Trust nature preserves between September 28th - October 4th. Track your time and mileage, and receive medal and T-shirt to commemorate the challenge! Register today at

The three preserves are the Big Rock Preserve along the Ventura River, Willougby Preserve near Surfer's Point, and Harmon Canyon Preserve in the Ventura hillsides. The rules are simple: run or walk one, two, or three 5K routes in any order, at any time, over seven days. You'll discover the distinctive beauty of these local open spaces, protected by Ventura Land Trust and open daily for free public access to nature.

The Challenges

  • Triple Challenge - Complete all three routes over the 7 day period
  • Double Challenge - Complete two of the three routes over the 7 day period
  • Single Challenge - Complete one of the three routes over the 7 day period.

Big Rock Preserve hugs the Ventura River and Ventura-to-Ojai bike path. Race participants will run or walk along a dirt path that touches the river's edge before turning back out to the Ventura-to-Ojai bike path and heading north past Foster Park. In Big Rock Preserve, cool water flows year-round in this section of the Ventura River and native California plants line the preserve paths. The route begins and ends where Casitas Vista Road meets the Ventura-to-Ojai bike path. Big Rock Route: 

The Ventura River flows through Ventura Land Trust's Willoughby Preserve and to the estuary near Surfer's Point. This coastal route takes participants over the Main Street bridge, located directly over Willoughby Preserve, and along the ocean. Ventura Land Trust and our partners hold beach clean-ups throughout the year to help protect the ocean, river watersheds, and coastal public spaces. The route begins and ends at the West Main Street Bike Path parking lot. Willoughby Route: 

On the newly-opened Harmon Canyon Preserve, runners and walkers will find rich plant and animal habitat, dry creek crossings, and gentle hills. At 2,100 acres, Harmon Canyon Preserve is Ventura's first large-scale nature preserve, with six miles of dirt roads for hiking, biking, and enjoying nature. Harmon Canyon Preserve is located at 7511 Foothill Road. Free street parking is available on the west side of Kimball Road. The route begins at the trailhead, marked by a large kiosk. Harmon Canyon Route: 

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