Rain Closures

Why Close Preserves After Rain?

Water running across a trailVentura Land Trust preserves close after significant rain events to protect trails and protect visitors from getting hurt on slick surfaces.

Land Management
When trails and roads become wet, they are susceptible to ruts and erosion. 
While erosion is a natural process by which rock and soil are worn away by wind, water, and traffic, it is accelerated by trail users and water. 

Ventura Land Trust's sustainably-designed trails are built so water drains across and off a trail, rather than directly down a trail (see image). When users hike and bike on wet trails, they create ruts on the trail tread and berms along the sides of trails that trap water and force it follow the trail instead flowing across it. This water creates an erosion channel, which starts to wash soil down the trail. As a result, water is held on the trail longer and trails take longer to dry out.

River and streams also pass through Ventura Land Trust's preserves. These dynamic water systems are essential parts of natural habitats, and support the long-term health of plants and animal residents; however, flowing water disturbs trail surfaces and deposits rocks and debris, making crossing some trails difficult and dangerous.

Let's work together to take care of our trails by respecting the land and those who make our trails possible. Thank you for your patience during preserve closures. Get the most up-to-date closure information on VLT's website, Instagram, and Facebook.

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