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Generations of Ventura County residents have looked to the hills longing to legally hike, mountain bike, view wildlife and discover the natural treasurers that lay hidden there. Today, our community has the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to preserve and protect a breathtaking canyon in Ventura’s beautiful hillsides, and to and open it up for all to discover.

Ventura Land Trust is in the process of purchasing and preserving Harmon Canyon. With our community’s help, this dream can soon come true. Your financial support is essential to helping Ventura Land Trust not only purchase Harmon Canyon, but ensure its protection forever.

Harmon Canyon represents the very essence of what makes our local environment beautiful and unique - 2,100 acres of rolling hills covered with old oak groves, endangered coastal sage habitat, free flowing streams, critical wildlife corridors and stunning views of our canyons, coastline and the Channel Islands.

Please donate or become a member of Ventura Land Trust today!

Harmon Canyon View from the Top

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