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Request for Proposal 

Front and Backend Website Developer

Business Overview

Ventura Land Trust (VLT) is a local, private, non-profit land trust working to protect the land, water, wildlife, and scenic beauty of the Ventura region for current and future generations. VLT builds trails, restores habitat, plants trees, and cleans up our rivers. Since 2003, Ventura Land Trust has conserved and stewarded open spaces in Ventura County. Ventura Land Trust protects over 3,800 acres of land in the Ventura hillsides, Ventura River, and coastal estuary. In addition to connecting people to nature, we are committed to educating them about why it's worth protecting. Each year we host hundreds of local students on free outdoor environmental field trips, present a series of community Environmental Speaker Series lectures and host an array of volunteer and community activities. VLT volunteers pitch in to help with habitat restoration, tree plantings, trail building, and nature hikes. Ventura Wild, VLT’s education program, hosts almost 1,000 students every year, rekindling a deep sense of belonging and connection to wild places by nurturing awareness, knowledge, skills and stewardship in the natural world.

Current Ventura Land Trust Website:

Target Audience and Desired Action

Our target audience is all Ventura County community members who wish to make a donation, sign up for a VLT membership, find the calendar of VLT events, register for Ventura Wild educational programs, and to learn more about VLT. The website needs to be optimized for disabled users and non-English speakers.

Website Business Objectives

VLT is looking for a web developer to work with our team to create an easily navigable Squarespace website that is visually appealing, professional, thoughtfully laid out and inclusive. It needs to seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, Eventbrite and Stripe. The website will need to include multiple donation pages, an event page with a calendar, and subpages for specific fundraising projects. 

Project Overview and Website Requirements


Requirements for this project are to build, design, and optimize a Squarespace website for VLT that is visually appealing with a clear and comprehensive user interface. The website will need to include an e-commerce platform to sell VLT merchandise. Dashboard layouts need to be optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing experiences. The website needs to be synced with Salesforce. The website needs to be accessible to disabled users and non-English speakers. The final website needs to be easily editable by staff with a basic understanding of Squarespace. 

Additional Land Trust Website Examples:



Content and Copywriting

VLT will provide written content.

VLT will provide effective slogans and calls to action.

Features/Functionality Requirements

The VLT website will need to include a donation page, membership page, Ventura Wild donation page and a Ventura Wild Scholarship donation page linked to Elevate—the online donation platform from Salesforce. In addition the website will need the ability to allow for mailing lists and volunteer signups. Ideally the website can also feature a portal allowing donors to update their contact information linked to Salesforce. 

Software Integration

The Squarespace website must be integrated with Salesforce CRM, Eventbrite, Elevate and Stripe.

Proposal Requirements and Vendor Selection Criteria

  • Minimum of 3 years experience building websites via Squarespace platform
  • Minimum of 3 years experience integrating Salesforce CRM to backend
  •  Proficiency with Squarespace and Squarespace-related products
  •  Background in design / having a good eye for design, ability to pick up where mockups leave off
  • Track record of producing designs that meet basic design principles (e.g. consideration of white space, margins, font combinations, design grids, etc.).
  •  Ability to manage time and expectations
  •  Proficiency in setting up and designing E-commerce platforms
  • Ability to meet deadlines, respond to feedback, and provide deliverables in a timely manner
  • Provide examples of previous web-based projects and designs
  • Comfortable sourcing, understanding, and implementing code in a Squarespace environment
  •  Experience designing digitally inclusive websites 
  •  Understanding of best SEO practices

VLT website proposals must be submitted for review by February 28, 2023. 

The web developer will work with VLT staff to organize page layout, designs, navigation and architecture, as well as curate VLT-provided images, plan user experience and develop an e-commerce page to sell VLT merchandise. Images will be provided by VLT. 

Ventura Land Trust website

Primary Contact

Heather Burton, VLT Development Coordinator 

[email protected]

805-643-8044 x 714

Secondary Contact

Chris Chaleunrath, VLT Development Director

[email protected]

805-643-8044 x 702


VLT is looking for a web developer able to meet deadlines, respond to feedback, and provide deliverables in a timely manner. VLT will work with the web developer to create an appropriate timeline for the project with a completion date of no later than June 30, 2023. 

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