Stream Etiquette at Harmon Canyon Preserve

You've heard of trail etiquette, but what about stream etiquette, and why is it so important at Harmon Canyon Preserve?

It is very unusual for the creek in Harmon Canyon to flow all winter, and that makes this a very special year. It is a pivotal time for resident aquatic organisms to complete their life cycle.


Aquatic insects, amphibians, and microorganisms, as well as seedlings that can only germinate and establish in the wettest of years, are crushed when people walk in the creek. Many of these life forms are too small to notice, but every footstep off-trail and into the creek channel has an impact.


Please help us keep the Preserve and all its wonders open to the community by crossing gently and admiring the flowing water from Harmon's road and trails. Please do not walk in the creek channels. Thank you for your help!

Ventura Land Trust Tax ID #: 01-0769456


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