Preserved Land


The Land Trust helps manage and protect the beautiful Ventura River Estuary

The Ventura Land Trust has permanently protected over 3,800 acres of sensitive habitat in the Ventura River, Ventura's hillsides, and throughout Ventura County.

We encourage the public to visit our two main preserves on the Ventura River, they both contain year-round water and host hundreds of native plant and animal species. For more information, or to schedule a special preserve tour please call the VLT office at 805-643-8044.


Big Rock Preserve

Composed of three separate parcels, and totaling just over 16 acres, this preserve lies just south of Foster Park and is accesible from the Ventura River Trail, directly across from the Watershed Mural. Year-round water, resident steelhead and pond turtles, and diverse native vegetation are the highlights of this beautiful property. Explore Big Rock Preserve.


Willoughby Preserve

Our most accessible preserve, this 8.93 acre parcel is located close to downtown Ventura and Surfer's Point. Bordered by the Main Street bridge to the north and the 101 overpass to the south, the property lies just off the Ventura River Trail bike path. Great views of the estuary and a one-mile trail loop are some of the highlights of this preserve. Explore Willoughby Preserve.

Hayden Preserve

Our Hayden Preserve is one of our smaller preserves, just 2.11 acres, and due to it's size and location, has minimal recreation potential and is closed to the public other than for education and restoration events. Though it is small, this property is of high value to us as it is a tributary to the Ventura River and home to many birds of prey (raptors). VLT primarily utilizes this preserve to teach local environmental science students valuable skills that they can use like habitat restoration technique, wildlife camera monitoring, creating management plans, and invasive plant management. Explore the Hayden Preserve.



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